While everyone enjoyed the sudden burst of attention that LeBron James inadvertently provided Red Vines licorice, we truly admire all of the incredible philanthropic work LeBron does in underserved communities around the country. He is a Superstar on and off the court. Lebron James

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Two notable charitable organizations that LeBron supports are The LeBron James Family Foundation lebronjamesfamilyfoundation.org/ and After-School All-Stars afterschoolallstars.org. The LeBron James Family Foundation is a remarkable program. Based in LeBron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio, his foundation provides resources, incentives, academic, and emotional support for the city’s most challenged students and their parents. Since its inception in 2004, the organization has grown by leaps and bounds. It has instituted a community wide PROMISE program, opened its own school, and offers 4 year college scholarships to the University of Akron for all eligible PROMISE students. His efforts are changing the lives of the families of Akron and is a model for others to follow.

After-School All-Stars & The Lebron James Family Foundation

After-School All-Stars is one of the nation’s largest free after-school programs for under-resourced students. With many chapters across the country, It provides a safe place for students where dedicated mentors help them develop skills that promote success in school and life. Students participate in a wide range of activities, including health & fitness, academic readiness, STEM programs, career exploration, and visual & performing arts.