Non-GMO Project Verified

The Non-GMO Project is a mission-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to building and protecting a non-GMO food supply. We do this through consumer education and outreach programs; marketing support provided to Non-GMO Project Verified brands; and training resources and merchandising materials provided to retailers.

Non-GMO Project Verified remains the market leader for GMO avoidance and one of the fastest growing labels in the retail sector. We offer North America’s most trusted third-party verification for non-GMO food and products.

The Non-GMO Project Standard is a consensus-based document crafted with the insight from dozens of industry experts, reflecting a dynamic range of perspectives. In a world of shifting and quickly developed technologies, the Standard remains current and collaborative through ongoing public comment periods.

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STAR-K Kosher Certification has provided kosher supervision for over fifty years. The STAR-K, formerly known as the Orthodox Jewish Council of Baltimore/ Vaad Hakashrus, originally served the Jewish community of Baltimore.

As the demand for “kosher” began to explode in the 1970s, the Vaad expanded both its services and staff, under Rabbi Moshe Heinemann’s leadership as Rabbinic Administrator. With the spread of Rabbi Heinemann’s reputation as an expert in the integration of the complexities of food technology with kosher requirements, the STAR-K assumed a more prominent role on the international kashruth scene. STAR-K’s kosher symbol quickly gained wider recognition. Its roster of local companies grew to include food manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

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TRUE Zero Waste Logo

U.S. Zero Waste Business Council

TRUE certified spaces are environmentally responsible, more resource efficient and help turn waste into savings and additional income streams. By closing the loop, they cut greenhouse gases, manage risk, reduce litter and pollution, reinvest resources locally, create jobs and add more value for their company and community.

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Halal Certified 2020

Etimad Halal

Etimad is Arabic for accreditation, certification and reliance.

We follow a unique approach of consulting with manufacturers and their certification bodies to establish a clear picture of Halal requirements.

This process eliminates the overlapping costs of site inspection and audit visits, and also saves manufacturers the valuable time needed to obtain information about your product and manufacturing facility.

With more than a decade of experience in both the Halal and Kosher markets, we have today built an extensive network of certification experts around the world allowing us to offer timely and cost-effective service worldwide.

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