We’re Celebrating Football Season

We’re Celebrating Football Season

While we didn’t run an ad during the big game, we had fun sharing our football inspired Red Vines candy animation with our friends on social media. Our graphic design team always enjoys the opportunity to be a little playful. They originally planned a more elaborate scene, in which opposing licorice “players” faced off against each other, with helmets the colors of the actual teams playing in the game. When our designers finally found out who the lucky teams were, it turned out that both teams were… red. Needless to say, the original concept was scrapped and the video below was born.

This isn’t the first time Red Vines licorice has had fun at a football game. While Red Vines jars are obviously the perfect accessory for any game, we happened to run across some old videos of people doing the “Red Vines Shuffle” from when we visited Pac-12 Football tailgate parties a few years ago. These gems are definitely worth a watch: vine.co/RedVinesShuffle

A Fun Candy Find Hidden Away for  50 Years

A Fun Candy Find Hidden Away for 50 Years

LIC-RIS-ETS Licorice Bits boxYou never know what you’ll find when you decide to remodel.

A construction company was renovating a building in Tacoma, Washington and found an old box of LIC-RIS-ETS inside of a wall. The construction company staff reached out to us to share their story and ask about the product. American Licorice Company started producing LIC-RIS-ETS during WWII and stopped making that particular type of licorice in the mid 70’s, so the box had been preserved in that wall for a very long time. (No, there wasn’t any candy inside.)

The construction company sent us the box they discovered… and we sent them a year supply of Red Vines as a thank you.

American Licorice Company has a surprisingly long history, beginning in 1914 in Chicago. Through much of our early history, though, we only made black licorice. Our iconic red licorice twists didn’t come along until the 1950’s. Now our Red Vines candy dwarfs our black licorice offerings, of course.